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Reconciled DBpedia resource

The RADAR (ReconciliAtion of Dbpedia through ARgumentation) framework is applied to the most frequent 300 DBpedia properties, to carry out the argumentation-based reconciliation task. The outcoming resource counts around 50M of reconciled triples, considering 18 language-specific DBpedia chapters: Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Hunagrian, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Turkish.

You can download the following resources:
- most frequent 300 DBpedia properties (in terms of language-specific chapters mapping such properties), manually annotated with respect to the classification: functional/non functional (1 corresponds to functional, 0 to non functional, 2 if DBpedia tags them as functional).
- file tab-separated value of wikiID with the dominant language according to GeoNames, and file tab-separated value of wikiID reporting the page length per language. In order to exploit these resources, the IDs in the first column should be extracted, and added in the url, where xxx is the ID. For instance, the ID 1629178 belongs to the entity Rickenbacker 325, and the corresponding WikiData link is
- the Reconciled DBpedia resource.